Eventyr: Book One

Explore a hidden world of ancient magic with Ellias Quinn's Eventyr.  

A book of dark power is stolen from its prison. Hostilities between fairy nations threaten to sunder the land. Deep in the forest of Eventyr, a fairy named Matil awakens without memories. Alongside her two unlikely new companions, she begins a dangerous journey to recover her lost identity, discovering both those who would help and those who would harm them. The three travelers find not only that they are in the shadow of a brewing storm which will change the forest forever, but that the knowledge Matil seeks comes at a price. A price she isn't prepared to pay. 

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Elders of Eventyr: Book Two

Stories tell that powerful beings known as Elders have been asleep for many generations. Hoping that these legends are true and can save Eventyr, Matil and her friends trek into the wild forest to hunt them down. Meanwhile, dark forces advance their own plans.

Release Date:  -Adventure In Progress-