Eventyr: Book One

Explore a hidden world of ancient magic with Ellias Quinn's Eventyr.  

A book of dark power is stolen from its prison. Hostilities between fairy nations threaten to sunder the land. Deep in the forest of Eventyr, a fairy named Matil awakens without memories. Alongside her two unlikely new companions, she begins a dangerous journey to recover her lost identity, discovering both those who would help and those who would harm them. The three travelers find not only that they are in the shadow of a brewing storm which will change the forest forever, but that the knowledge Matil seeks comes at a price. A price she isn't prepared to pay.

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Elders of Eventyr: Book Two

Seek out buried legends in Elders of Eventyr.

As malevolent forces grow and unrest spreads through Eventyr, the wingless fairy Matil has learned her true identity and the face of her enemy. Matil and her companions travel north through wild lands in search of a legendary human, hoping that he can tell them of the fabled beings known as Elders. But the quest for storybook heroes brings deadly peril and engulfs Matil in the myths and secrets behind the Elders' disappearance long ago. Can the ancient protectors of the forest save Eventyr? Or are they just fairy tales?

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Wings of Eventyr: Book Three 

Witness legendary power unleashed in Wings of Eventyr.

The end of an age is upon the forest as Matil and her companions continue searching for the fairies’ ancient protectors. They learn along their journey that an army is gathering under the insidious banner of Nychta, and that their efforts might be too late – while far across the forest, heinous treachery strikes in the ruling council of the Sangriga kingdom. Through it all, the haunting echoes of Matil’s past remind her of the terrifying choice she must make. But night has not yet fallen: Hope still sleeps in the deep places of Eventyr, locked behind enigmas and elusive magic.  

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Flames of Eventyr: Book Four 

Every power in the forest is assembling for war, but Matil's new allies are woefully outmatched. To make matters worse, alva imprisoned since ancient times have escaped to spark a raging conflict. Can Matil and her friends find help in time or will they be driven apart?

Release Date: -Adventure in progress-