Eventyr Glossary

Alva – Any of the eight kinds of fairies inhabiting Eventyr:
Brandur – Fire
Eletsol – Life
Kyndelin – Animal
Nervoda – Water
Obrigi – Giant
Ranycht – Night
Sangriga – Light
Skorgon – Insect

Geographical Locations:
Eventyr – A great forest, home to the alva.
Fainfal – Land of the Eletsol.
Tyrlis – Land of the Sangriga.
Corwyna – Capital and largest city of Tyrlis.
Ambermeet – Corwyna Council assembly hall.
Corwyna Vault – Renowned depository for highly valuable or hazardous items.
Obrigi – Land of the Obrigi.
Nychtfal – Land of the Ranycht.
Ecker's Brug – Largest city in Nychtfal. Dask's childhood home.
Dwell – Capital of Nychtfal.
Goska – Town in eastern Nychtfal. Home to Brenna and Nat.
Lowen – City in the southwest of Nychtfal. Where Dask's friend Kerl keeps shop.
Lake Vangara – Kingdom of the Nervoda.
Asta Polaras – Small Nervoda town on the Asta River in Nychtfal.
Valdingfal – The most thickly forested part of Eventyr.
Deep Valdingfal – The wildest, darkest part of the forest, a place only inhabited by the Skorgon and vicious beasts.
Brotinnfjol – A massive mountain without a peak. The Elder Jalt's home, according to legend.

Briden – The first season of the year, equivalent to late winter and spring.
Vana – The second season of the year, equivalent to summer and early autumn.
Thrual – The third and last season of the year, equivalent to late autumn and early winter.
Step – Roughly an inch.
Length – Two feet.
Greatlength – About forty feet.
Talrach – A negative exclamation sometimes shortened to 'rach'.
Thiffen – A very mild exclamation.
Elders – Ancient, legendary beings of great power.
Heilar – Elders following the Chivishi.
Saikyr – Elders following Myrkhar.
Alvishu – Ancient language of the alva, from which the current Common Alvishu derives.
Betha – Afterlife, home.
Chivishi – A text of religious laws and history.
Colthal – Very old and formal way of saying goodbye. Labeta – An Obrigi memorial token.
Sgeld – Ranycht money, also the name of their most valuable coin.
Telvogir – Maternal grandfather.
Thosten – A being commonly worshipped as the creator of Eventyr.
Thokir – Corrupt spirit.
The Wall – An invisible, impassable wall that surrounds Eventyr.